Gas detector Tubes

For our line of 6mm Ø gas detector tubes:

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KWIK-DRAW™ Gas Detector ‘Premium’ Tubes

Take advantage of the German quality and expertise of the gas detector tubes’ inventors.

KWIK-DRAW™ Smoke Tubes (Non-Corrosive)

Determine the air flow and check for leakages in gas masks with KWIK-DRAW™ Smoke Tubes.

KWIK-DRAW™ Air Sampling Pumps

A huge choice of different 100ml air sampling pumps, that matches with your own preferences.

what we offer

Gas Detector Tubes

A huge range of gases can be measured with the KWIK-DRAW™ Gas Detector Tubes.


Air Sampling Pumps

Choose one of the high quality and ATEX Air Sampling Pumps for the use with gas detection tubes.


Smoke Tubes

Indicate the airflow in a room and/or find leakages in pipelines with the KWIK-DRAW™ Smoke Tubes.


Measuring Kits

Choose one of our complete measuring kits, that have been carefully composite especially for your application.


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  • Gas Detector Tubes
  • Fumigation Detector/Analysers
  •  Charcoal VOC Sorbent Tubes
  • Breath Alcohol Analysers
  • Air Flow Smoke Tubes


  • German highest quality technology, from the inventors of the detector tubes MSA Auer/Safety!
  • ATEX certified pumps, no electrostatic charge!
  • Lowest priced 8mm tubes and pumps!
  • Generally shelf life of 2-3 years!\
  • Complies to EN1231 for Gas Detector Tubes Systems
  • MED Wheelmark maritime certified